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Viva la Vintage - Vintage clothing, accessories, and collectibles

Sizing is always a bit tricky when dealing with vintage clothing because measurements/sizing has changed over the years. A 50s dress marked size 12 is NOT the same as a modern size 12. For this reason we always list the garments labeled size (if there is one) but please make your selection from the the actual measurements listed. Please see the diagrams below to see where we take our measurements. If you do not know your measurements you should either take them yourself or have a friend help you take them to make certain the item you want will fit.

Here is some other information that may help you when determining an items fit potential.

* When a hip measurement is listed as FULL that means the skirt will fit most all hip measurements due to shape of garment.

* Elastic waistlines and other elasticized segments will be listed with UNSTRETCHED measurement and FULLY STRETCHED measurement. This is to allow you to determine your personal desired fit.

* On KNIT GARMENTS or items with stretch we will try to give a suggested range of fit. If there is not a range given we have simply taken the measurement, not stretching the item, however there will usually be an inch or so in ease due to stretch of fabric or knit construction. Please inquire on any particular item you are not clear about.

* On WRAP dresses, tops and skirts we also try to give a average fit range. If there is not a range given the measurement is a flat measurement of the largest possible size.

* SHOE sizes are given if found, otherwise a measurement is taken from the inside tip of toe to inside heel. Please feel free to ask about any particular shoe.

* Our PLUS SIZE selection contains items with a Bust over 42" and Waists over 32" . We know how hard it is to find CUTE vintage in voluptuous sizes so we always buy it when found.

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